Playing & Training Fees

Below is a guideline only of fees for your membership(s). These fees are subject to change from year to year. Currently Royals membership is the lowest in the ACT.

Please note that payments through this platform incur a transaction fee of 2.0%+$1.60. This fee is not received by Royals Volleyball Club.

RVC Fees:

  • RVC ONLY Annual membership (February to February): $60 in 2023

  • Annual training fee (venue hire and equipment): $60 in 2023

  • Competition uniform: Shirts - $60 / Shorts from $35 (styles vary in cost) 
    This uniform fee means you own your uniform for three years. Uniforms will be updated again in 2026.

VACT Fees: (Set by VACT annually)

  • VACT ONLY Annual membership: $30 - $90 (fees are age-dependent, based on the age you are turning this year)

  • Team fees for VACT competitions:

    • Open League has two seasons. You will recieve an invoice each season you play: $150 - 160

    • CVL have one season, therefore you will recieve one invoice for the season: $250 - $350


Your volleyball membership and eligibility to play in VACT competitions requires that you have no rollover of outstanding debt with any ACT volleyball club.

If you have questions regarding the registration process or payment information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you're not sure which competitions you'd like to play in, please familiarise yourself with the "Competitions and Leagues" tab. If you're new to volleyball and still not quite sure where you'd like to play, get in touch with us or come along to a training session and our coaches will find a suitable team for you!

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