From the artist, Thalia Uilelea

The artwork's name is Yindumara (Yin-Doo-Mara) which means Respect in Ngunnawal language.

My hope for the design was to capture your club values within the symbolism of the piece. The three meeting circles are embodiments of COMMUNITY, RESPECT & ENJOYMENT. A meeting circle usually depicts a gathering of mob, in ceremony or in general, and the symbols around the circles depict people.

The meeting circles are interconnected throughout the piece symbolising how each of your values is interwoven into your club.

The layering of colours and symbols is derivative of how your values affect each member of your club, from the executive to the coaches, players, supporters and most importantly the communities you represent.

The white patterns on the outside of the design represent the growing connections your club is making with First Nations people especially those whose land you play and train on week in week out. 



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