Open and Recreational League - Divisions and Rules

VACT Rules for Open League & Recreational:

Divisions 1 & 2 - Standard rules apply including tracking of rotations and substitutions.
Duty teams for Division 1 = minimum of 4 duty personel - 1 x 2nd referee, 1 x scorer, 2 x lines people
Duty teams for Division 2 = minimum off 2 duty personel - 1 x 2nd referee, 1 x scorer

Divisions 3 & Recreational - Standard rules apply. No tracking of rotations or substitutions. No duty team required. Simplified scoresheet.

Divisions 4 & Junior - Relaxed rules apply. No tracking of rotations or substitutions. No duty team required. Simplified scoresheet.

Additional information for Juniors:
Net heights: Lowered nets - Junior Men - 2.24m and Junior Women - 2.15m
There are relaxed serving rules with no foot faults called by the 1st referee. Juniors are encouraged, if capable, to serve behind the baseline.

These rules may be changed by VACT at any time to suit the level of the playing group, after consultation with all the teams and clubs (eg: Net height for Division 4 could be lowered).


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